The Shimadzu Institute NanoTechnology Research Center

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The University of Texas at Arlington is home to the preeminent university-based nanotechnology research, development and teaching facility in North Texas.

The Nanotechnology Research & Education Center is an interdisciplinary resource open to scientists within and outside of the University. Research activities are conducted through mutually-beneficial associations of chemistry, electrical engineering, mechanical and aerospace engineering, materials science and physics faculty, graduate students and research assistants at UTA, as well as collaborative efforts with investigators at other universities and in the private sector.



Jeff Campbell
Institute Director
CMPC 110
Phone: 817-272-2156


Nader Hozhabri
Facility Manager
Nano 200A
Phone: 817-272-7493

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location


9-5pm Monday - Friday


Physical Address
500 S Cooper St.
Arlington, TX 76019

Mailing Address
Box 19072
Arlington, TX 76019

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  1. NRC Homepage


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Nader Hozhabri

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